Share Your Stunning Night Sky Photos with Astro 360

For over a decade years, Astro 360 has been the premier guide to astronomy for enthusiasts around the world. We rely on striking images of the cosmos from amateur astrophotographers to enhance our articles and showcase the beauty of the night sky.

Astro 360 welcomes astronomical photos from anyone, regardless of experience, equipment, or subscription status. We feature a diverse range of subjects – like the Sun, Moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies, auroras, and more. Our only criteria are technical merit and visual impact.

This guide covers everything you need to know about submitting your photos to be considered for Astro 360’s print magazine and online gallery.

How Should I Send My Astrophotos?

For print publication, please email high-res digital files in TIFF format whenever possible. JPG and PNG files are also fine if uncompressed.

We prefer images for transient celestial events like eclipses and meteor showers as soon as you capture them, while they’re still timely.

Only send your very best shots. Don’t overwhelm us with near-identical photos. Review a few recent issues to get a sense of our style.

For the online gallery, use the submission form on our website. JPG, PNG, and GIF formats are best for web use. If we select your image for print, we’ll contact you for a larger file.

What Details Should I Include?

For Email Submissions

In your message, provide:

  • Full contact info (name, address, phone, email)
  • Imaging equipment used (telescope, camera, lens, settings)
  • Exposure details (times, ISO, filters)
  • Any special techniques like HDR, stacking, etc.

For Online Submissions

Fill out the online form completely. All details submitted will be visible online. If chosen for print, we’ll follow up for more info.

What Happens After I Submit My Photos?

Due to the high volume of images we receive, we can only notify photographers whose shots are chosen for upcoming issues. You’ll receive an automated email confirming we received your online entry.

If we publish your photo, we’ll send a permissions form to sign and return, plus you’ll get a copy of the issue and credit in the caption. You retain full ownership and copyright.

We’ll contact you if we want to reuse your shot in a different context than originally submitted. You can withdraw your photos anytime with written notice.

Will I Get Paid for My Photos?

We offer monetary compensation for most published images, aside from those featured in our Gallery section. Payment depends on reproduction size and is initiated upon publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of astrophotos are you looking for?

We welcome photos of astronomical subjects like the Moon, planets, nebulas, galaxies, auroras, eclipses – anything inherently interesting in the cosmos! We also accept astronomical sketches and drawings.

Do you have a preference for certain photographers?

We don’t consider photographer names when making initial selections – just image quality and fit. You see certain names a lot because they submit regularly. We can’t publish your shots if you don’t send them!

How long until you use my photo?

It varies, but generally within a few months. Due to space constraints, we can’t run every great shot we get. Having images selected is no guarantee of publication.

Will you pay me if you hold my photos for a long time?

Unfortunately we do not offer holding fees, but we won’t retain your photos without consent.

We hope this guide helps you understand the submission process. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions! We look forward to seeing your remarkable night sky images.