Meet the Passionate Team Behind Astro 360

For over 10 years, Astro 360 has been the premier destination for all things astronomy.

Our close-knit team of editors and contributors lives and breathes the cosmos, bringing their unique talents and expertise to deliver inspiring and informative content to our readers.

Our Editors: Guiding Astro 360’s Mission

Sarah Howard, Editor in Chief

Sarah’s passion for astronomy started as a child growing up in rural Australia. With Astro 360 since the beginning, she now leads the editorial strategy.

James Wilson, Lead Editor

James keeps us on track, ensuring all content is accurate and meets our high standards. He has a PhD in Astrophysics and volunteers at the local planetarium.

Emma Bradley, Associate Editor

Emma brings her photography and writing skills together to create compelling images and stories from around the astronomy world.

Sam Lee, Social Media Editor

Sam heads up Astro 360’s social media presence, bringing our engaging content to new audiences and building our online community.

Our Contributors: Astronomy Lovers United

Alex Chen: Astronomer who loves writing about new discoveries and research.

Jasmine Chang: Avid astrophotographer whose images adorn our pages.

Tyler James: Science journalist and space enthusiast who covers news and events.

Kimberly Davis: Retired NASA engineer who shares behind-the-scenes space stories.

Joshua Park: Telescope reviewer and night sky expert who helps readers observe.

Our Promise: Reimagining Astronomy Coverage

The Astro 360 team is committed to providing comprehensive astronomy coverage through insightful writing, jaw-dropping images, and innovative storytelling. We pour our passion into every article and photograph to inspire fellow astronomy lovers. Our goal is to reimagine the way astronomy is experienced.

Join us as we explore the beauty of the cosmos!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Astro 360?

Expect to be informed, amazed, and entertained! We cover everything from breaking news to in-depth features, all presented in creative ways to reimagine astronomy.

Do I need astronomy experience?

Absolutely not! Our articles are written for enthusiasts of all levels. We love introducing newcomers to the science and community.

What makes Astro 360 unique?

Our contributors live and breathe astronomy, allowing unparalleled expertise. Plus we take an artistic approach in our visuals and storytelling. The result is an astronomy experience like no other.

How can I get involved in the Astro 360 community?

Engage with us and fellow readers by commenting on articles, sharing on social media, submitting images, or joining our forums. We’d love to hear from you!

Let Astro 360 reimagine the way you experience the wonders of astronomy. With passionate editors, talented contributors, and a creative approach, we make the cosmos come alive.